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Welcome to Michael C. Hall Online, a website dedicated to Michael C. Hall, the accomplished and unique Emmy nominated actor best known for his roles in Showtime's Dexter, HBO's Six Feet Under and feature films like Gamer or various stage shows. On this unofficial fan site you will find an archive of Michael's career including photographs, videos, information and the latest news on this gifted actor.

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Posted on November 27th, 2010 - Filed in 'Dexter', Articles, News / Rumors - 0 Comments / Leave one

Michael C. Hall’s wife and co-star, Jennifer Carpenter, recently spoke to The Los Angeles Times as well and had a little mention about Michael in the article. Since they are such a quiet couple, I thought some fans might be interested in reading the article which can be found here. Here is the direct line relating to Michael.

Playing siblings when they are actually married does not pose a problem for the couple.

“Looking in Michael’s eyes when we’re doing a scene together is different when he’s relaxed. I’m relating to Dexter.” – Jennifer Carpenter

Hall said, “We really do respect the sacredness we have on screen. We keep that aspect separate and quiet.”

Michael was interviewed with the other producers and he had this to add about the actress:

“Jennifer has this astonishing ability to convey undeniable ferocity and heartbreaking vulnerability in the space of a second. I am amazed by her. She has a fierce guardianship over her characters’ truth.” – Michael C. Hall

Posted on November 23rd, 2010 - Filed in 'Dexter', Gallery Updates - 1 Comment / Leave one

600+ Screencaps from 5×09 – “Teenage Wasteland” of Dexter are now up for viewing. We’re all caught up on this season’s show caps now, enjoy! This episode was great, it’s really amazing how far Dexter’s character has come since season one days. But only three more episodes of season five to go – boo!


- Dexter5×08 Caps

Posted on November 22nd, 2010 - Filed in 'Dexter', Gallery Updates - 0 Comments / Leave one

As promised, I’ve just added high definition captures from last week’s Dexter to the site. This is from the episode “Take It!” I have capped the ninth episode from yesterday and am currently sorting through them. Check back for them later but for now enjoy Dexter Morgan in all his high quality glory in these!


- Dexter5×08 Caps

Posted on November 22nd, 2010 - Filed in 'Dexter', Gallery Updates, Site News - 2 Comments / Leave one

Finally… after 1.5 years of the same look, Michael C. Hall Online has launched it’s new version, designed by yours truly. I have been so busy I’m sincerely sorry for not sprucing up the site sooner. The new look features this Michael shoot (you may need to log in to view).

The layout was designed for Mozilla Firefox but it should hold up in other browsers, at least IE. But Firefox is preferred. Any comments regarding the layout are always appreciated!

I was away for many days at the first of the month and just busy with other things these past few weeks but I have slowly been catching up screencaps of the missing episodes of this season of Dexter. Episodes 5×05-5×07 have been added, with 5×08 to be sorted sometime tomorrow and I’ll cap tonight’s episode (Nov. 21) later as early as possible! Check out all the HD caps in the gallery. The episodes are still really fantastic this year! I particularly loved the sixth episode “Everything Is Illumenated” and the “Die, Die” scenes in “First Blood”. :)


- Dexter5×05 Caps
- Dexter5×06 Caps
- Dexter5×07 Caps

Posted on November 22nd, 2010 - Filed in 'Dexter', Articles - 0 Comments / Leave one

Vancouver Sun has published a great article in which Michael discusses what the future holds for the status of the show, and his career after, “I’d like to play more normal, everyday characters under extraordinary circumstances, as opposed to characters who are uniquely extraordinary at something.” The article confirms that a sixth season is in order, but it is unknown at this time beyond that. Read on!

Everyone dies, Jonny Lee Miller’s self-help guru – and suspected serial kidnapper – Jordan Chase said in a recent episode of Dexter.

And every story has an end, even Dexter Morgan’s.

In person, Michael C. Hall, the veteran Broadway actor who has played moonlighting vigilante murderer Dexter Morgan for five seasons on the Emmy-nominated Dexter, is circumspect and soft-spoken – about his personal battle with cancer, about the dividing line between real life and playing a fictional character, and about his character’s future. However it ends for Dexter Morgan, Hall told Postmedia News it can’t end well.

Posted on November 21st, 2010 - Filed in Articles, Gallery Updates, Media Alerts - 0 Comments / Leave one

A while back, Michael was featured inside Los Angeles Times. Today more outtakes were released! He looks great, always nice to see new Michael photoshoots! And in case you missed it before, read the full article on their website.


- Photoshoots: Los Angeles Times (2010)

Posted on October 27th, 2010 - Filed in 'Peep World', Gallery Updates - 0 Comments / Leave one

The website GordonandtheWhale.com reviewed Peep World, which screened at the Austin Film Festival recently, and they also showcased the first still. The movie got a solid 3 1/2 out of 5 stars and really sounds interesting. I’m very excited to see the film myself. Read the full review on their site and the still is in the gallery.

Michael C. Hall, known as either the gay guy from Six Feet Under or the badass in Dexter, here plays a giant coward who does nothing when his father (Ron Rifkin) gives him a good tongue-lashing. It’s nice to see Hall spread out his abilities. He’s now completed the trifecta in acting (gay, badass, sissy).

Peep World plays out like a 90 minute episode of your favorite sitcom. Larry David, Bill Cosby, Ray Romano, etc. should be proud of director Barry W. Blaustein’s latest work. Every decision the characters make on screen result in an awkward and hilarious moment nobody wants to get caught in. The only thought that comes to mind is: better them than me. Peep World is a strangly enjoyable look at how sometimes family can be an asshole. Not mine, of course.


- Peep World: Production Stills

Posted on October 25th, 2010 - Filed in 'Dexter', Videos - 0 Comments / Leave one

The U.S. cable network Showtime says it has posted online the second season of its animated Web series, Dexter Early Cuts: Dark Echo.

The webisodes can be seen at sho.com/earlycuts. They are drawn by illustrator Bill Sienkiewicz and author/artist David Mack, and voiced by the TV series’ star and executive producer Michael C. Hall.

The online episodes are intended to offer fans of the popular, live-action TV series an early look at the titular serial killer with story lines that predate the show, Showtime said.

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