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Welcome to Michael C. Hall Online, a website dedicated to Michael C. Hall, the accomplished and unique Emmy nominated actor best known for his roles in Showtime's Dexter, HBO's Six Feet Under and feature films like Gamer or various stage shows. On this unofficial fan site you will find an archive of Michael's career including photographs, videos, information and the latest news on this gifted actor.

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Archive for the ‘Fan Art’ Category

Posted on February 15th, 2011 - Filed in 'Dexter', Fan Art - 1 Comment / Leave one

Can’t get enough of Dexter?  Here are some crazy cool    Dexter jewelry from Love and Pride.. Enjoy!

Dexter Fingerprint Ring:

Blood Splatter Necklace:

Spinning Sapphire Ring:

Posted on December 23rd, 2010 - Filed in Fan Art - 8 Comments / Leave one

Merry Christmas everyone! Today we received a lovely fan submission. Here is the email and attached photo from Jeannine:

subject A pic for Dex. No, it’s nothing weird. Okay, maybe it’s a little weird…


My husband and I have really enjoyed the Dexter series, especially the role of Dexter. It’s a shame, I never caught much of Six Feet Under to see some of Mr. Hall’s other work. I’ll have to go back and check it out some time.

Anyhow. I got bored last night and funneled some of my Christmas spirit into a project I feel you might enjoy. You’ll find a pic attached.

Happy holidays, Mr. Hall and crew. You’re doing fantastic work. :)

- Jeannine

Thank you so much Jeannine and Merry Christmas everyone!!

Posted on September 20th, 2010 - Filed in 'Dexter', Articles, Fan Art, Media Alerts - 2 Comments / Leave one

In a new People Magazine interview, Michael C. Hall opened up and said that his own father died of prostate cancer at age 38, and at the age of 11 he always wondered if he would live to age 39.  At age 38 he was also diagnosed with cancer, but he has made it past age 39!  Dexter is premiering in just 6 days.  Rachel at The Avid Appetite has a great Dexter cupcake recipe and a giveaway so please check it out!

Posted on January 10th, 2008 - Filed in Fan Art - 1 Comment / Leave one

Sandra contributed 16 wonderful Dexter related 100×100 sized icons for our icon vault. Click here to see them all. Thanks again, Sandra!

We are always looking for Michael related fan art, be it a wallpaper or an icon, so if you’re an art savvy fan, please do not hesitate to send in your work for others to see!

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